1chip Station for Windguru.cz

1chip Station for Windguru.cz is a weather station transmiting data over GSM or Wifi network. It allows collecting real-time wind data on your spot and display it on WindGuru.cz website and save to the weather archive.

1chip Station device has extremely low power consumption and can work completely autonomously when using a solar power.

To measure wind speed and direction with 1chip Station transmitter uses Davis 7911, Davis 6410, Davis 6415 or inexpensive MISOL sensors (with adapter), which can be purchased separately.

Transmitters are supplied with the build-in atmospheric pressure and temperature sensor. In addition to standard sensors, we offer additional sensors and options:
• external temperature sensor;
• external temperature and humidity sensor;
• solar battery with uninterruptible power supply;
• 220V/12V power supply;

After simple setup, your station will be able to send weather data directly to the WindGuru server.

Why buy 1chip Stations:
• Compact size, low energy consumption - the ability to work autonomously - from a solar battery or other power source;
• Compatible with Davis 7911, Davis 6410, Davis 6415 and Misol (with adapter) wind speed and direction sensors;
• Price - well below competitors;
• Transfer via GPRS or Wi-Fi (selected in the station settings) every 1–59 minutes;
• Each 1chip Station transmitter and sensor is waterproof and is ready for extreme weather conditions;
• Precipitation sensors can be connected to the station. For example inexpensive MISOL WH-SP-RG or DAVIS AeroCone Rain Collector;
• Excellent data visualization on the site and mobile application WindGuru.cz

Please contact us with any questions:

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1chip Station price (promotional before September 1, 2021):

Select equipment:

1chip GPRS-WiFi transmitting module for WindGuru.cz $
Power supply 220V/12V IP65 $
Uninterruptible power supply (external power input, 2 inputs for solar panels). Acid battery 12v/7a sold separately $
Solar panel 2w with adjustable mount $
External temperature sensor $
External temperature and humidity sensor $
Shipping via Russian Post Express (requires clarification). $

Total price on 1chip.ru: $

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Wind speed and direction sensor Davis 7911, Davis 6410, Davis 6415 or MISOL are purchased separately. For details please see links.


- via EMS Post or Russian Post Express

1chip Station Order Handling procedure:
1. Select a station configuration (send your request to us for details);
2. Check with the seller if delivery to your country is possible
3. Send payment;
4. Shipment.

1chip Station Installation Steps:
1. Receive and check station delivered;
2. Registrater your station on the WindGuru.cz website;
3. Setup and test the station;
4. Install your station on the spot required.

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Контакты / Contacts:

+7(929)05-34-43-1 Telegram, WA

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